MunchPak Delight

IMG_6936I like getting stuff. Sometimes, I like giving stuff. So I decided to start participating in Reddit’s Secret Santa events. I decided to participate in the Snacks Secret Santa. My Secret Santa got me a delightful collection of treats from Romania, Japan, Taiwan, France, and the US. Most of the things in the pic are gone, save for the Botan Rice candies and the Chocolate Chip cookies. I tried so hard not to eat all those goodies, lol. But they were all so interesting looking.

IMG_6939The life-saver looking candies were my favorite. They were cola flavored whistle candies. Loud as HELL. I blew into every single one, walking around the house like a little kid. There was a really weird Final Fantasy-looking monster thing in a prize box with the candies. I still don’t know what it is. I just got a kick outta getting something in the mail. The rest of the sweeties will probably make my dentist sob. I had a sugar-fest with the Smarties ropes, the chewy French Bon-Bons, and the sweet Hello Panda cookies. There were some savory tasting things called Sunshin Scallion Pumpkin Cakes. They were so tasty and flavorful. It was sweet-ish, but very oniony. I saved the wrapper so I can find out where to buy them online, lol.

Then I ate this delicate chocolate filled thing. The outside was like a really thin cookie or biscuit. I didn’t really like that one. Last night, I ate the Eugenia pack. Those were like…the best tasting cookies I’ve ever had. THE FILLING WAS SO LIGHT BUT RICH WITH THE CHOCOLATY FLAVOR. The cookie was rich too. I’m guessing…er…real sugar? lol.

The big bag had this stuff called ramen chips. They were kinda good. Tasted like potato chips, but weren’t as salty. Obviously the Sweet Tart ropes were good. The Botan Rice was actually something I’ve never had, and didn’t realize the wrapper on the inside was edible. It was so hard to peel off, so imagine my confusion as I ate the candy, and wondered where the wrapper went.

Everything in the box was good, and it kinda inspired me to do like I used to–shop online and go to the Asian stores and international stores for some cheap and light goodies to fill in my old messenger bag. Especially the savory treats and the little pieces of yum. Sometimes I get tired of candy bars and whatnot. I like stuff like pocky and ramune fizzy soda. So yeah, awesome gift, and it was a great way to start off my weekend.

Skinny Pop Popcorn

Skinny_Pop_Popcorn_TitlePicI wrote a product review for this stuff called Skinny Pop popcorn, and now I can’t stop thinking about the way it tastes. Like, if you’ve ever had bagged popcorn before, you know that buttery, greasy and salty taste. It’s addictive. This stuff is the complete opposite, but has just as much flavor and crunch as any leading brand. I mean, IT’S AMAZING STUFF. Unlike other brands, it’s simply composed of popcorn, oil, and salt. It’s 39 grams of fat per serving, which made me think this stuff was going to be bland and horrible. It wasn’t. It SO wasn’t. I really hope I can get another bag when we go shopping. If not, I will be ordering it to get my fix. It’s buttery and a little salty in a way that’s just right. It’s kind of like movie popcorn, but without all that oil or the fake butter.

Uggggh I want some now. It’s so crunchy, fresh, perfect, and yummy.