“But You’re Thirty…”

Actually, I’m 31….but Claro que sí….I’m in my thirties. Getting judged for my likes and interests, but being told constantly to stop talking about how old I am. Being told to be myself, but having said interests, likes, and ideas labeled as stupid. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, but I guess I didn’t get the manual on how to be in my thirties the right way. I’m doing me, I’m being me, and that’s “idiotic” now.

What? Cross the year mark before you decide who I am or what’s uncool about me. I won’t change it but by all means, try me. This is just like that time I was minding MY business, waiting for my cousin to come out of some teeny bopper party, and some shit ass dude said “you needa stop playin’ them games sweetheart!” when I told him I was 22 and playing Yoshi’s Island. Well fuck that. I don’t follow the so-called mold of being this or that. Been there, done that, would rather be myself any day.

So I got mad and defensive on today’s front. I’m allowed to do that. THAT ended up in “Imma let you go” territory, and that is what inspired today’s list.

I am 31 and:

  1. I still collect stuffed animals. Yoshi, Hello Kitty, Li’l Bub, Care Bears
  2. I love certain children’s songs.
  3. I like graphic tees.
  4. I quote cartoons and viral videos from time to time. Who doesn’t?
  5. I love Beyonce! THAT seems to be a problem. Why? Don’t know, don’t care.
  6. I like ridiculous YouTube videos. The silly ones, the viral ones, the eye-rolling ones. Love them.
  7. I like a lot of YouTubers who are actually younger than I am: MacDoesIt, Markiplier, Odd1sOut, and JacksFilms especially.
  8. Sometimes I color pictures. Colored pencils, on the floor, eyes wide open, with a smile.
  9. I still edit my Gaia Online avatar.
  10. Sometimes I like to visit Mediatakeout.
  11. YES, I AM INTERESTED IN THE REMY MA AND NICKI MINAJ BEEF. I’m not even a fan of either one. I have listened to a few songs and honestly it’s just petty drama. It’s life, it’s publicity–it’s interesting.
  12. I have over 20 Gift ‘Ems Girls because I think they’re cute.
  13. I have a ball collection from those 25-cent machines seen at stores.
  15. I like rainbows.
  16. I also like tinsel. Lots. Of. Tinsel.
  17. I love blowing bubbles.
  18. I eat cereal at odd hours of the day, but never actually at breakfast time.
  19. I collect FunkoPop dolls!
  20. I read manga and collect comics.
  21. I like Candy Crush, Neko Atsume, Klepto Cats, and almost all the popular puzzle games.
  22. I follow tons of parakeet and cat accounts on Instagram.
  23. I like candy. Judge me for that, too.

I like a lot of stuff. I am not wound up or stuck on “what an adult should like”. I chose not to live like that, because of my jovial nature. It makes me happy. Things make me cope. I don’t like to spend every waking moment in the unhappiness that plagues me. I want to live, to smile, and I function and cope differently. Why does it have to be stupid? Why does anyone feel like they need to repeat “but you’re 3o…” over and over, like that’s going to change my mind or make me feel bad? It pisses me off. YES, I AM 31. YES, I LIKE CERTAIN THINGS. GET OVER IT.

You’re not paying for it, so why does it matter? If you like me for who I am, it shouldn’t matter. Especially if you’re into some pretty childish or things some would call “stupid”. I have opinions, but I don’t go in on you. I leave it alone because you like what you like, and you’d be nine times as defensive. We BOTH know what it feels like to be judged, so why even go there, despite what you’re feeling. Blunt, blunt, blunt all the time until somebody pops off.

After all we’ve identified with, who are you to climb on the high horse and look down upon me, just because you’re sooooo over something? Don’t even know the whole story, but you have so much to say about it, despite not caring. It’s more of the fact that I have an interest in it. “You of all people. I can’t believe it.” Why, because it makes me like everyone else? Why, because it’s beneath you? Right, because you’re so above it all and I’m just a lowly peon. That beef thing has been online for almost 24+ hours. The memes are funny. Some of these posts are gold. GOD. I’m not allowed to have fun now? I gotta be all high tea prim and proper? All put together and perfectly mature, huh.

I will like what I like, until I choose not to like it anymore. If you don’t like it ’round here, find another, ‘nother love.

I will not apologize for being myself.


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