Cat Ladies, Vibes, Dreams

I feel the need to stand up for women who love cats. I feel the need to stand up for women who may call themselves Crazy Cat Ladies. Why? When I have no cats of my own, yet play Neko Atsume and fawn over all things cat, online? Because I adore cats. Because I love people who love cats. Because I love people who love cats, and love them even more for sharing their cats or cat love.

What I don’t like–the stigma of these people.

Now this isn’t some call to action blog, because people will feel how they feel. I got that vibe from my guy after our 9th talk about CCLs. I was getting heated, and he’s giving me all these “facts” about how these women go unmarried, how they are unkempt, and a crap-fest of other vibe killers. And he’s saying this all to me, and I’m in my own head like–what cat ladies have you been around? Or, is it the stereotype that unsettles you?

We all know it. We see it on The Simpsons, we have seen it played out online and in real life a thousand times. Is that the collective, though? Is that all cat ladies? is that going to be me, if I have multiple cats? I know cat ladies who have careers but love their cats. I know cat ladies who adore their fur babies, yet still have love lives and keep a clean house. I have seen enough positive examples to know that not all cat ladies are so gone that they can’t get a grip on cleaning or caring for all the cats they own.

Again, I acknowledge that some CCLs are genuinely not right. But that stems from mental illness, or something else. Not just cats. And that’s when you have to separate that toss around attitude of calling everything crazy, because mental illness isn’t a joke. I am guilty of some of the bad behavior, but I am breaking the chains of continuing to use those terms in joke format. Especially as mental illness runs in my family, and especially after the messed up question of whether I am bipolar or not.

I’m eccentric. Leave it at that, and don’t bring it up again.


What is the point in or of killin my cat lady vibe? I want two cats. Just two. I have always wanted a cat, but my dad always said no, or he was unsure. I can’t have one now, because this is not my home I own. I want some when I get my own pet friendly space. That’s part of my “finally on my own” dream. So why kill that vibe? I am wild about cats. I love them. I want one as my independent living pet.

If that love and wildness bothers you, then that’s something you need to work out. My love for cats has been here since childhood. Why should I change that, based on whatever stigmas are in someone else’s head? Is that going to stop me from being loved? Getting married?

Don’t be a vibe killer based on what you think you know. Or based on what you thought you heard, or a brainstorm of mine that could change tomorrow. My dreams are what keep this bleakness train rolling into sunlight and better times. If you want me to get over the negativity and the short measurements, don’t stomp my dreams because you don’t get them or agree with them. I am telling you what they are, not asking you to trim them for me. Maybe I want to share them with you. You don’t have to hold the same obsession, but jeez–support much?

Cats will not stop me from cleaning my house. Or wanting to live life. Or wanting to love someone. Or wanting a life with them. A cat….cats are simply part of my desired life as the adult I want to be. That’s all. Let me dream. Can’t I do that?

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