Interview With The Roni

David Menzies approached me a little while ago to interview me about my poetry book, Four Years. ‘Twas cerebral, flattering, and very exciting. Check it out!

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We’re talkin’ gritty, “mature” subjects about existing, being in your 20’s, and well…that oh so very rocky road of the underdog’s life. This was, originally, just some poems I decided would never see the light of day. Who wanted to read sad things, angry things, or lonely things? Who wanted to read about crappy relationships? I doubted myself for a long time until it dawned on me–I can’t be a writer or a poet if I keep things to myself. That included the ugly, morose, gritty, mature things. That included the self absorbed dreck…which…um..I’m sure we’ve all gone through at some point.

I threw caution to the wind, began to copy poems, and kept it moving. Here we are. 🙂


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