I don’t know why I put my heart out for you.

It was so sudden,

All ’cause I was feelin’ you.

Wasn’t even that long,

More like a crush.

When we talked a little bit,

I knew it wasn’t serious.


There was something about you.

I was ready.

Do anything to chill with you.

I was ready.

Get hot and sweaty for you.


Time goes by,

I find out what you want.

Tried to play it cool,

I was crumbling apart.

You never knew.

I wanted to tell you.


Fall back curvy mama,

It’s not that serious.

No need for drama,

It’s not that serious.

Why should I go there,

For a “special” friend?

I’m not what you wanted,

Might as well start the end.


I’m sittin’ there,

Not feeling like a person.

Not feeling worth it,

Not feeling beautiful.

Comparing me and telling me

“You’re okay”,

But I’m not the kind you want

And you don’t know if it will change.

Never told me why.


Heartbroken diva,

Lost lil sista.

How can I speak my mind?

I took twenty steps back,

Now I sit and watch.

I don’t know what to say.

I frown every time

You rub it in my face.

Why can’t I walk away?

I’m curious for the motives.

Don’t you know that hurts?

I won’t be special too long,

Just like the rest.


Motionless and speechless,

Do you.

Angry and defeated,

Do me.

I can’t share myself with you,

Not like I wanted.

Why’d it have to be like that?

Why’d you say it to me?

Confessions rotting in my chest,

Sorrow running through me.


Everybody got a reason,

See it all the time.

I knew what you liked,

I let it pass me by.

It was so obvious…

Burned when you admitted.

Is there something wrong with me?

Melanin’s got you trippin.

He’ll have no part of me…

This is where I end it.


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