Holding foolish hope in my hands

Like some kind of kid in like,

Not love

Was my greatest mistake.

Opening my heart,

My vulnerabilities,

My soul to perfect strangers

was strike two.

It wasn’t so cute to lose everything.


I took a part of myself,

Split it open.

I bruised a part of myself,

Never licked a wound.

When I fell down,

I’d pull myself up again.

How foolish.


No tears for strangers,

No tears for what couldn’t be.

Their gaze was in seconds


Lingering moments for me.

Losing what I never had,

Watching them desire everything

Except me.

This is for the broken ones,

This is for the faint of heart.

This one’s for those of us who pine.

Side note–

Gets you every time.

Try to warn yourself

“Don’t crush if you haven’t a chance”,


They reel you in,


You’re happy with

“Just a friend”….


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