Dreams That Break

She wishes they would kiss her.

Wishes they had kind words,

Hand-holding just for her.

She wishes for ships that have passed.


She wishes for touch that is long gone,

Promises never to be.

She wishes for things people could not give.

She wonders

“Why me?”

Sad music in her ears,

Burning salt water from her heart,

Lethargia ‘gainst her joints.

The world won’t stop for you.


She wishes for kind eyes,

Intimacy that blew her mind.

She’d like to hope desire is equal.

Reality tugs at nappy roots,

Sorrow slaps her imperfect face–

Some people don’t have it

“Like that”.


She wishes for everything,

Sometimes breaking at the seams.

Sometimes inside her head,

Sometimes at her desk.


In the dark with endorphins.


She wishes,

Like a fool.

Not much else to say.

One word more–



One comment on “Dreams That Break

  1. There is hopelessness in this piece, but there is also character. A flame, a devotion to life and what makes it worth living. I dare say this person in the poem has her heart in the right place. Sometimes our greatest adventures are the most difficult and painful. But we are who we are for a reason. Life often uses it for groundwork for what’s in store for us.

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