Accepting the Newness

  I have no idea why AdSense just stopped working for me, but it was a really wonky month for my other blog. So I don’t know if that’s because someone was actually clicking the ads, or if it’s because I changed the settings. In any case, I’m sitting here with an 85% decrease. That’s baaaaad.

  However, things have been pretty awesome with this blog. I’ve got so many new people following me! That’s exciting. It’s also teaching me to curb my language a bit. You know, be a less salty and sailor-like. I sort of let loose on Tumblr and my personal Twitter. I’m uh, trying to work on that. I usually avoid it on personal blogs I make visible. I’m starting to feel glad I created this blog. I wanted to sign up with Xanga again, but, that seems to be a dying breed. I think they have like 3 days left before they might shut down for good. That’s sad! That used to be my stomping ground.

  Relationship-wise, I’m having a good time being very chill. Like, I think I have been expecting way too much of people. Not that I expect nothing at this point, but playing it cool and not getting too heavy has brought great results. I had the best time laughing like crazy for three hours last night. I think I created my first inside joke with a new tumblr buddy. Like, he went on and on about “artisan bread” after I mentioned it on pizza snack dishes. It really felt good to laugh so hard over something simple.

  I was actually very happy to get a call from him. Ever since he’s started calling, I’ve just felt like there was an instant click. When he brought on the wacky, I was like “dude, road trip in the future.” I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot. I want to travel around the USA and just meet up with my tumblr favorites. Like, that’s a dream. If I get rich or have a super big windfall, I’ll save a little, invest a little, and travel a lot lot lot.

  Anyway, I guess that’s all that was on my mind today. Embracing the newness one giggle at a time. Well, one loud chortle at a time. I laughed and guffawed for a good two hours.


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