Late @ Night

Grooving to 3rd Eye Girl’s Livestream. Thinking about people. Thinking about investments, and totally editing the fuck out of this entry. I love detail, I want to go into detail about the two people I’m thinking of. I want to talk about why I’m invested in both of them. I want to say they are special, they are handsome, interesting, funny. I want to say a lot of things. I want to say how one makes me laugh hysterically. I want to say how the other makes me think of the future I’ve feared will never happen. I want to say how both of them make me feel great. I want to say I like them both, but don’t want to jump any more guns or scare either one off. I dig both of them in different ways, though. But things are layered.

I like it when people are invested in me. Or when people are unafraid to tell me how they feel about me. And it doesn’t have to be romantic stuff. I mean yeah I liked to be flirted with, but just knowing people appreciate me….just makes me feel like I have a place in this world. And if I ever went away, maybe people would be sad. And well, maybe that’s why I feel such an investment in both people. That’s why I don’t want to say or do something stupid to lose either one. Wouldn’t that suck? Oh hey Roni, neither one of us likes you, bye. XD That’s the stuff I fear.

At the moment, I’m just glad to have them both in my company. Although atm neither one is exactly talking to the catbear, lol. Either asleep or busy. I’m like a Tamagotchi, people. You know you have to check on me and feed me. Beep beep beep. For now, as I’m just myself, just trying to live…I’m hoping these two creatures will continue being themselves. They are special just as they are, and time will tell where we will be and what we will be to each other. No rush, no competition. Chocolate is always welcome.


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