I was going to create a poem with this title, but in typical fashion I can’t decide if I like it or not. Just rethinking about last night’s lil thought process, and deciding to be ever so chill when it comes to excitement, people, and investing. Easier said than done, but I don’t want to start jumping any guns that just might turn around and shoot my butt. I mean, what happens when the new investment falls through, and the one that’s sorta on the fence (but has more history) isn’t there either? I mean, yes life goes on but I know it would hurt me. I wasn’t patient before, but the quality I speak of remained anyway to “try”. Despite technically being on an open playing field, emotions are still involved. I need to watch my step.

  So, I will be playing it cool. No pressure, no insanity, no gun jumping. We will see what happens.


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